Looking to purchase a home?

            It’s my job to make sure your investment is a safe one. Crossing the threshold of home ownership is often the most expensive purchase we make. From every home purchase comes the responsibility of repair and upkeep. Before making a decision as large as this, you need to know if this home is safe and worth your time and money.


I have over 15 years of experience in residential building construction, as well as a heart for the safety of others. I also understand the frustration that comes from costly repairs. I will not only perform a thorough inspection, but also advise you to walk with me through each step of the process, to help you better undertand your potential purchase.

Looking to sell your home? 

       Get a head start on your home sale by offering a pre-sale inspection to your potential buyer. By giving your buyers the option of security, you will display an amount of confidence not found in many people looking to sell their homes. Your buyer will know without a doubt that they are receiving their money’s worth in full.images-2.jpeg



I am located in Augusta Georgia, and will serve the following GA Counties:

Columbia County

Richmond County

Morgan County

McDuffie County

Green County

Putnam County

Lake Oconee Area

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